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Audition for Show Concept's project at First Camp!


Now it's finally time to apply for the most fun summer job in the Nordics!
Every summer, Show Concept delivers entertainment and artists to Scandinavia's leading camping chain First Camp in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
For that, we are looking for people who are fantastic and lovely, great at singing and above all love to have fun!

"I want to share with you that it has been an extremely educational summer, trying and fun and spontaneous and most of all so much fun working on shows! This has opened new doors for me and a new confidence. And I am a much better singer and artist! Thanks for everything!"

Artist 2022


Audition Tour 2024!
Welcome to apply for an audition for summer 2024!
Submit your application here!   There are still places left in Gothenburg!

You will be called to an audition via email if you proceed from your digital application. Keep an eye on your inbox/spam.
We will be in touch with everyone regardless of whether you have moved on or not.

Sat 20/1 Fredericia
Sun 21/1 Copenhagen
Tues 23/1 Musikteaterskolan i Bjärnum (only for current students at Musikteaterskolan)
Sat 27/1 Stockholm
Sat 24/2 PAS (only for current students at PAS)
Sun 25 /2 Gothenburg
Tues 27/2 Bårdar (only for current students at Bårdar Akademiet)

To work with Show Concept you must have turned 18 before June 12, 2024.
Questions about the job and the application can be answered via email to

About the job: 
For the sixth year in a row, Show Concept has the pleasure of being responsible for the happiness at Scandinavia's leading camping chain First Camp. In 2022, we had 140 people (of whom 95% indicated that they would like to recommend this job to a friend) working to spread joy to holidaymakers in Sweden and Denmark. In 2023 we also marched into Norway!

The job includes evening shows, children's shows, activities and training.
You work in pairs at a set destination and we love it when you apply together with a friend! What a dream to spend the whole summer together in a sunny and bubbly summer town - singing, laughing and having fun at work and sunbathing, going on adventures and swimming in your free time! Of course, you can also apply solo and be paired with a future new really lovely friend.
Working hours are 35 hours a week and you work Tues-Sat, you are off together on Sundays and Mondays.

We are looking for strong singers, girl, boy or other doesn't matter - but with a male voicerange you should be extra vocally confident. The absolute majority of our artists are girls so the material is set and produced in keys comfortable for altos/mezzos/sopranos. But nothing is impossible and every year we have a bunch of awesome guys who shine!
You don't need to be a dancer to apply for this job, but it is important that you feel comfortable moving and are able to take easy steps for the children's shows. The evening shows have no choreography, the focus is on HAVING FUN together with the audience. Showing yourself, humor and charm is at least as important a quality as singing ability.

Feel free to check out our instagram @s.howconcept where you can see lots of wonderful moments from our artists from years ago both in the feed and among the highlights on stories and the album First Camp. To get there now, press here.  

There is an evening show three nights a week, a quiz show and two party shows. The children's show is also performed three times a week and there are also two sweaty training sessions a week where you do yoga and circle training. In addition to this, several fun children's activities are offered with First Camp's mascot Yessi and her crew (you), such as a treasure hunt, friends' club, face painting, etc.

Rehearsal period is June 12-20 (with reservation for changes)
Sneak premiere on Midsummer Eve June 21
V 26 you are off work. V 27-32 working period.
It is important that you are available throughout the period, including the rehearsal period.

Destinations to apply to: 
SWEDEN: Lycksele, Luleå, Boden, Mora, Umeå, Orsa, Rättvik, Grebbestad, Mariestad, Gränna, Kolmården, Karlstad, Kungshamn, Sunne, Varberg, Halmstad, Oskarshamn , Öland, Mölle, Helsingborg, Röstånga, Malmö, Kalmar, Torekov, Åhus
DENMARK:   Bøsøre Strand - Funen, Frigård - Flensborg Fjord, Hasmark Strand - Funen, Klim strand - Nordvestkysten,  Skovlund - Lillebælt, 
NORWAY:  Norsjø, Bø, 

You invoice for your time:
Pay for the assignment is via invoice via your own company or an invoicing company such as Frilans Finans/Invoicery.

Simple accommodation is available free of charge at the destinations.

We look forward to receiving your application! //Show Concept team
Getting to work with Show Concept this summer has been fun and developing. You get freedom under responsibility and a chance to develop as the assignment contains many different elements where, regardless of whether you have worked before or not, there is room to challenge yourself

Artist 2021