Lots of experience in the show business and a desire to develop others?

We are looking for regional managers for jobs this summer!

Regional managers in 2024

Are you passionate about show production, have many years of experience in show & activity and want to develop in leadership? We are currently looking for a number of experienced people who can inspire and guide this summer's artists when they work at First Camp, Scandinavia's leading camping chain.
The job involves, among other things, visits to the destinations, coaching, support and encouragement!

"Working as regional manager at Show Concept this summer has been incredibly fun, developing and rewarding! I got to follow the development of 10 artists and tried to give them the tools they needed to be as good as possible. It was challenging and a lot of fun to be part of ! I want to do it several times over!"

Annika Sivertsson

A lovely person with organization in the blood.

Now we are looking for regional managers (RA) for the 2024 season!

2024 will be the sixth year in a row that Show Concept has the great joy of delivering entertainment, activities and training to First Camp in three countries, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
For this huge project, of course, really good managers are needed and now we are looking for you who are organized, happy, positive and above all reliable!

We also want you to have many years of experience from the show world and feel that you have the ability to clearly lead newer artists in their work. You simply want you to use your experience to help newer artists to dare even more and develop.

The job largely consists of cheering and helping, but you are also your artists' closest manager and what all that entails. You also have contact with the destination managers at each destination.
During a summer you will, among other things, travel around to your various destinations in your region and watch shows, train, check on activities and see that the quality is up to standard and to make sure it is as good a final product as it can be. Much of your working time is spent working from your mobile/computer from home or wherever you choose to enjoy your summer, but the set rule is that each destination will receive two visits, once during the rehearsal period and once during the working period. You usually have about 7 destinations, so a total of about 14 days of work on the road and the rest from your mobile phone/computer.
Quite simply, a real dream layout!

If you want to combine your service as an RA, you can also work as a  understudy during the summer, i.e. be available to jump in if someone gets sick. New for this year is that this will be an additional service.

The work period is June 9-August 12 and you invoice for your time via your own company or an invoicing company such as Frilans Finans/Invoicery.
Important for the service is that you have your own car and driver's license to be able to carry out the visits to your destinations. Great importance is placed on personality when recruiting for this position, but also which place one starts from. The regions available are:
  • Stockholm + North (flight from Stockholm) You don't need a car.
  • East
  • West
  • Middle
  • South
  • Denmark (That you understand and can speak Danish is required)
Welcome with your application to audition@showconcept.se , we will contact you via email for a possible interview.
//Show Concept team

Wow - what a summer! I have had the great honor to work as regional manager for 6 wonderful destinations with 12 amazing artists to help them in small and big ways all summer long. It has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding and I have been given a unique opportunity to develop both as an artist and as a leader. I want to redo this!

Hanna Boquist