We are looking for someone who is solution-oriented and wants to experience everything this summer!

You who can do it all!

Our "superheroes" that we call the fly's here at Show Concept are the ones who jump in when some of our artists get sick. It's a really fun and varied job where you get to see lots of wonderful places, meet lots of fun people and spread a lot of joy.

Artist with superhero powers!

If that description fits you, then this is the job for you!
As a fly/understudy, you get to go out to several different lovely summer cities and help cover for one of our awesome artists in case of illness. You can end up in Boden or in Denmark, but of course we always try to send the one that is closest to the destination that needs help.

That's why we're looking for fly's who live in different geographical areas - perfect for all you artists who want to be able to spend the summer in the countryside or maybe you live permanently some distance from the big city. Of course, it's just as well to live in the middle of the city, but it's a big advantage if you have access to a car, as our destinations are often a bit outside the center and you need to be able to get there easily and smoothly.
We are looking for female vocal rangers for this position as our fly's learn the entire shows. We also want you to have worked with similar tasks before and know how the job is done.
If you want to know more about what the duties as an artist include and more information about the assignment, you can find it here.

Repetition period is June 12-20 and the entire work period is Midsummer Eve/Sankt Hans + v 27-32 but don't hesitate to get in touch even if you couldn't do part of this period. The minimum we want you to work is three weeks during the period.

You apply by filling in the form via the button below.
You will be called to an audition via email if you proceed from your digital application.
Keep an eye on your inbox/spam. We will contact everyone regardless of whether you have moved on or not.

Sat 20/1 Fredericia
Sun 21/1 Copenhagen
Sat 27/1 Stockholm
Tues 23/1 Musikteaterskolan i Bjärnum (only for students at Musikteaterskolan)

Sat 24/2 PAS (only for students at PAS)
Sun 25/2 Gothenburg
Tues 27/2 Bårdar (only for students at Bårdar)

We look forward to your application! //Show Concept team